How to Perform DDOS on Small Websites? Using Commang Prompt…   10 comments

Hey i think all of u know what is DDOS(Distributed  denial of Service)…  this is also known as Ping attack where the attacker can send large amount of  ping request on websites and because of that Small Website  not handle large amount and it goes down(Shutdown) .

To Perform DDos Select Small Website that it not take more time for DDOS… If Site is Small than DDos complete in 1 or 2 hr ….

ok. … lets start ….

1> Open Command Prompt(CMD) in your computer and Connect your Internet …
2> Find Small(Target) Website it’s Good if it’s hosted on Apache Server….
3> Now We want to Find the Ip of Site … so.. in cmd type ping

4> Now You Can See the ip of Site in First line ,.. ok congo …
5>Now we have a Ip of Victim … to Send Packets… ok readyy..
6>Type following line in Command Prompt ….
                ping <Ip of Site> -t -l 120000
ex:- ping -t -l 120000 and press enter ….

7> now Wait for 1 or 2 hour and after that open the Site you See it show Error …..

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How to get and Kill the Processes Using   Leave a comment

hello fnds i am come back after long break .. but here is interesting topic for you… How to Get and Kill the Process using…

ok … We know has a many inbuilt Classes Which help us to Full fill our requirement ….


1. First Start Visual basic and Create new Windows Application … Call Task-handler ….
2. Now … you can see one form …. in form add one listbox and three buttons …. call GetProcess,Kill and Close…. it’s look like this ….

 3. ok… double Click on GetAll Process Button and it can open new Code Windows … In this Write Following Code ….

    Dim pro() As Process
    pro = Process.GetProcesses
    For Each proc As Process In pro

4. This Can add the All Process in Listbox1…

5.Now Code for Kill Button .. Open the Code Window Of Kill button and Write Following Code ….

 Dim pr() As Process = Process.GetProcessesByName(ListBox1.SelectedItem)
        For Each p As Process In pr

6. Ok to kill Process First Select Process From ListBox and then Press Kill button …..
Done the mini task-manager is ready for you enjoy ….. it …
This is a Basic you can manipulate It According to  your Logic…..

Download Sample Code From Here… (Click me…)

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Property Editor V1.1: Change your Property now!   1 comment

hello… guys few day ago i posted about upcoming new tool property changer  V1.1… now.. it’s good news it is here … uppp… so interesting… ok … ok … wait wait … first … we discuss about it’s …

   Property Change(OEM Changer) is tool to change the look of Property window of  MyComputer . ohhh…unable to understand ok.. see  this …


ok… i think you all understand what is my tool do…

Now… Some detail about tool …

          The tool is Designed  and Code by me .. So..bad but this is only supported in Windows XP..

ok.. ok …  here is Some Screen Shot ..


  1. Select Image

      In this Step Select you Image(.bmp)  to Show in your Property Window.. it’s allow all sozes but it’s good if u use … 180*120..
     You can select image using Browse Button…

2 to 5

   In this Steps Fill information manufacturer,name etc….


   At lase Click on apply button and you can done …

    if wanna u want to remove the info or image than simply follow step 7,  Check option and Press apply button…


       – The Tool Is only Supported in Windows XP..
       – If u Found any bug in this then Contact me …

Download Now

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UP Coming Tool in Smart hacker : Property Changer V1.1   21 comments

Hello. fnds this is good news i am going to Developed new Tool For changing the Property Of My Computer. The Tool Is Designed And Developed by me .
Here Is Some Screen Shot of My tool….



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USB Locker V1.0:Lock your USB Now…   13 comments

Hello.. Viewers after Long break I Come With new Interesting Topic/Tool USB Locker V1.0. We all Daily Use USB For many Purpose. Even We Daily Transfer Data From one Computer to another Using PenDrive(Flash). That  there is many Chance to Virus Infection. But USB Locker is Tool Which can Restrict the System To Write any Data in Pen Drive that if any Virus Try to Infect our Flash Drive than It Denied it ..

USB Locker V1.0 Is Portable Tool ..means You Can use It Without Installing it on your System .
Ok… now See the User Interface of  Pretty tool…

My Pretty tool have a Two Buttons to Lock Or Unlock … And it can Also show the Current Status With Current User.

– Tool Restrict System For Writing Process it’s Allow the Reading…

            – It’s Tested With All Version of  Windows XP… Not Sure For Windows 7 .
            – If You are Limited User than Run this as a Administrator ..
            – If any Mi-stack Found there Than Report me now…..

ok… Download it  Now… it’s free….

Click Me To download

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Recover Data From Corrupt Hard-Disk: Tool   1 comment

Daily We Save Lot of  Songs,Software,Movies etc… in Our Hard Disk… But If our Hard-Disk is Old or due to other Problem Some time It Corrupt and there is Chance to Lose Of data. But Don’t Worry here is a Tool I  Found From Internet .. It’s Very Powerful To recover Data From Corrupted Hard-Disk.

 Now How To Use This Tool ?

First Download Tool From Here ( Click Me)…

       1. Ok.. Let’s Start First Extract  Or Install the Given Software .
       2. Now It’s Look like this …  

Ok now Follow this …

1. Select Source Drive From Corrupted Hard-disk..
      2. Select Target ..Where you Want To Save The Data…
      3. Now Click… Copy Button.. Oh… you Done… Wait Until Copying Finish …


       1. There is Some Chance To Lost Of Data During Copying Process.. 
       2. This S/W Work if Corrupted Hard-Disk is Attached With CPU… 

If Any Problem Occur … Contact me.. 

                     Click Here To Download Me

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How to Find Vulnerable(Bug) link For SQL Injection?   7 comments

In my Last Tutorial We. Learn What is SQL, SQLI and Vulnerability
Click Here To View Last Tutorial

OK.. We see Vulnerable link Is Important for SQL Injection .But you have Question How we Found this Link (Vulnerable). ok.. We can also find It manually but in our tutorial We Use Tool For Find Vulnerable link…

The tool Which we use in Our Tutorial is SQL Poizone V1.1  . The Tool Is Developed By Our Daily Viewer and My Friend Poizoner. Ok..

1. Download Tool From Here( Clcick me )
2. Now. No Need to Install It .. Open the SQL Poizone V1.1 Exe .
3. Now You See Tool Window look like this …

4. Now From Dork_View Panel  Double Click on All Dork – > Php -> Select the Index.php?id=

Now Follow given Step..

  1. Now Time To Select Engine Time .. (Select Google API) Means We Search Using Google .. 
  2. Select Max 300 
  3. Select Country .. ( We see here text like In,Cn,pk etc..  This is like a .Com or .org  for Country )
  4 . Now  Click Search Button … Ohhh… Scanning  is Start … Now Wait until It Finish …


  Now … U see result in Result_Panel .
  – Ok… Now Right Click and Check all …
  – Now… again Right click again and Click on Send to Sqli Scrawler -> All  
ok .. this is time to Final Scan..
Here Simply Click on Crawl Button and Scan is start ….
   Wait until it Complete …  

    Now you See result look like this…

oh .. congrats you find the Vulnerable link in Bottom Panel …  Now Export  into .txt file and save it,,, 
Ok.. Now u think When we Hack the Site … We do it… but in next tutorial…
ohhh.. and yes .. Start to make Collection of … Vulnerable link for our next tutorial…  
Best of luck 

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