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Due to public demand.   2 comments

Hi, every buddy.
Almost after half a year, i am posting here. actually due to work load, i am unable to update the post. But finally i have decided to restart the blog once again. Lets ready for new tricks and hacks.


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How to hack any one facebook account using IP??   9 comments

hey guys … one gud news … that you never hack facebook …

because i am making you fool …. April fool buddy … 😉 ;P 😀 🙂

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How to Create Your Own Media Player in   12 comments

We All Know About Windows Media Player Or Other Players That use to Play a Audio And Video File in Your Computer OR Laptops or etc… But Any Body Know how to make it … ?
Don’t know …. ok … ok … i will teach you how to make it….
In this Tutorial We Use Visual Basic 2008 To make Our Own Media Player….
ok…. let’s Start….

1. Open and Create New Windows Application ….
2. Give it Name MY Media Player…
3. Change the Text of Form1 to Your Own one … like My Media Player, Smart Media Player etc…. (Here I use Smart Media Player…. )


4. Ok … now Add COM Component… From Chose Items …
      Follow this ….


5. Now You can See new Toll Windows Medial Player In Tool Box Control…. Drag It into Form….


6. Now You Can See One Little Control Same Look Like Windows Media Player….. Drag and Drop it into Form….
7. Ohhh…. see there is one little Medial player… oh … Interesting …


8. Hey Congrat’s you done it …. now Double Click on Play Button and you can See code Window….
            In this Write Following lines of Codes….
                     AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = "z:\Songs\xyz.mp3”       // You file Path Will be goes here……

           You Can make Your Own Playlist and Write this Code In SelectedIndexChanged  Event of List box and Combo Box…..

9.  Now … .Double Click on Stop Button and Write Following Lines of Codes ….

10. Do Same For Following Buttons ….
             1. Pause :-  AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.Ctlcontrols.pause()
             2.Prev":-     AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.Ctlcontrols.previous()

       Do same For many other  Controls….

11. Now Run your Application … See it Work ….
      if you have any Problem During the Execution Than Contact me …. Any time …. Best f lck….

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USB Locker V1.0:Lock your USB Now…   13 comments

Hello.. Viewers after Long break I Come With new Interesting Topic/Tool USB Locker V1.0. We all Daily Use USB For many Purpose. Even We Daily Transfer Data From one Computer to another Using PenDrive(Flash). That  there is many Chance to Virus Infection. But USB Locker is Tool Which can Restrict the System To Write any Data in Pen Drive that if any Virus Try to Infect our Flash Drive than It Denied it ..

USB Locker V1.0 Is Portable Tool ..means You Can use It Without Installing it on your System .
Ok… now See the User Interface of  Pretty tool…

My Pretty tool have a Two Buttons to Lock Or Unlock … And it can Also show the Current Status With Current User.

– Tool Restrict System For Writing Process it’s Allow the Reading…

            – It’s Tested With All Version of  Windows XP… Not Sure For Windows 7 .
            – If You are Limited User than Run this as a Administrator ..
            – If any Mi-stack Found there Than Report me now…..

ok… Download it  Now… it’s free….

Click Me To download

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Porki Site hacked by SmArT HacKeR…..   Leave a comment

   Yesterday, the DDOS attack attempt by the Indian Cyber Army forum.. that today, i fuck
   porki….. porki 1 site was hacked by SmArT GHacKeR….


 The URL of Site is …..

     enjoy it……

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Government Site was hacked by Smart hacker…   1 comment

  Hello fnds the Government Site was hacked by Smart hacker only for fun…



  The Admin ID and Password is given here……



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Chat with your Friend Using CMD in Server.   Leave a comment

Hello SH Viewers We all know Using Command NET SEND we unable to send message in Server if Admin can allow. But in this We type Command, User name /IP and Message. Something like this.

net send Admin -Hello etc…

This take Very long time because you write long line of command.

But her is Simple CMD Messenger Create by Me Which is easy to use. Simple Enter User name, message  and Send it.

Simply Copy this Code in Notepad and Save it With .bat Extension.

@echo off
echo CMD Messenger
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
goto top

If the Username is fix than Set it by default in Code, Something like this.

@echo off
echo CMD Messenger
set n=
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
goto top

Change 4 line with your friend IP Address. Shown inCode.


– This trick can Work in only WXP.

–  If your CMD is latest than it work in W7.

– In following Command(set n= Type your fnd IP.

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