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Check the Email id is Fack or Not….   Leave a comment

   Hello, fnds all person has a her own E_mail address and receive many mail daily. Some time we receive mail with different email Id like, etc.. than this time if u like to check email address and get info on it, than Visit this site.


  This is a Email_ID Checker that check id and give result…..
 The URL of  Site:

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How to protect yourself against phishing..   3 comments

1. What is phishing?

  • Phishing is the method of stealing login info(user names and passwords) by sending him (fake) login pages.
  • The fake page is also look like as a original page. When u enter ID & password it goes from the Phisher address. and u are hack.

2. How to protect yourself against phishing?

  • Use your login info in the correct places only.
    Don’t ever put your login info anywhere else than the page you registered to, unless it’s a trusted service you know(such as youtube or blogger asking for your google account’s info).
  • Make sure the website you’re logging in isn’t fake.
    Whenever you login to a website, if you didn’t type the URL(address) of the website yourself, i.e. if you clicked a link that led you to the login page(from message, website, search engine results), always check the url(address) to see if you’re in the right place.

EX:- if u are login in face book account make sure URL appear is… this, if the page is another than do not login.

And if  u have any phishing(Fake)  page found than reporting Here.

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Face book is now 7   Leave a comment

We know Face book is most popular Social networking site. On this Week face book had turned 7 year old and Calibrate Birthday officially on 5th February 2011.

The Web Site Was launched by the owner Mark Zuckerberg with his three  friends in his collage days Harvard university.

Now a day Face book is 2 no site in this world and google is on First no.

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What is IP & IP Spoofing?   1 comment

What is IP?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication between its nodes. …

A unique number which identifies a computer and its location on the internet. Some of the online services at the University of Kent use the IP address to verify that a PC is based on campus and therefore entitled to use the service. .

A number which identifies the location of a client (web surfer) on the Internet. In theory this is a unique number which can be used to identify separate visitors.

What is IP Spoofing?

In computer networking, the term IP address spoofing or IP spoofing refers to the creation of Internet Protocol (IP) packets with a forged source IP address, called spoofing, with the purpose of concealing the identity of the sender or impersonating another computing system.

An attack method by which IP packets are sent with a false source address. This may try to circumvent firewalls by adopting the IP address of a trusted source, thereby fooling the firewall into thinking that the packets from the hacker are actually from a trusted source. …

An attack whereby a system attempts to illicitly impersonate another system by using its IP network address.


* If you install IP spoofing application in your Computer, It cause your computer Internet Slowdown.

* Because it use Proxy server of Country.

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How to get Your Computer IP Address..   2 comments

How to get Computer IP

To get Computer IP Address First  Download this Application in your  PC.

And Simpply run it And Click on Get IP.

And in Few moment Your IP is Shown.

Download link:

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