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The hack is perform against the Mumbai blasts – Wednesday 13 July 2011. Pakistan issues a condemnation after three attacks blamed on terrorists strike Mumbai, targeting the city’s Opera House district, its Zaveri bazaar and the central Dadar area.

Indian hackers Hack the and add there deface page with a message at .

Message By Indishell “Pray for all the innocent victims of Mumbai attack ..This is a small answer from All Indians.. Remember we are Together..You can just kill innocent people .. Women & Childrens..But There is no Future for you.. We are coming with huge speed..Corruption will be under control.. Every Indian will have Money n Power..Then there will be no one to Save you..You are dirty stamp on Pure Islam.. Try to Understand & Respect it..Just Remember We are comingBye ..Exit“.

The Hackers claim to be “Mr52, R00t_d2v!l , Silic0n , InX_rOot , s!l3nt_pi0sn ,Lucky, Ne0_h4ck3r , dodo , entr0py” from Indishell Crew.

Mirror of Hack is available at .

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Hello guys.. yesterday i found vulnerability in… it has SQLi vulnerability…

here is the proof of this..

Here is the Vulnerable link… find the id and password if you know SQLi…


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Why I Blogging..?   Leave a comment

Yesterday.. One of  the our blog user ask me Why u are blogging.. than here is the answer of his Question…

To answer this question, I would ask myself “why should I not blog?” Well there are several reasons one can find for blogging but for me the reasons for “why I blogging” are:

•    Share Views: I want to share my thoughts with the world and also want to know what others feel about it.
•    Learn: I feel good to come useful to others by providing with ‘something’ that I can. Now along with the viewers, I would also be gaining knowledge that would be coming my way. :)
•    Identity: Yeah, this one is equally important. I would surely feel good if other bloggers also get to know about me.

Journey Of Smart hacker

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13th Friday, Everything Down : Twitter ,You tube & Blogger !   Leave a comment

Twitter is down and fail whales abound.

Some users have experienced problems loading the service since about 1:30 ET. Twitter announced that it is aware of the situation on its Status log: “We are currently experiencing site stability issues. There may be intermittent issues loading We’re working to fix it as soon as possible,” the post says.

We’ll continue to update you with more information, as it becomes available.

Blogger announced this in blogger….


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Amul’s site is vulnerable to sql injection !   Leave a comment

 Yesterday’ i found the Vulnerability in the Amul

  i Can not Share Vulnerable link Because.. Security reason…

Some info about Database…

Server Info:
Host IP:   
Web Server:       Apache/2.2.11 (Fedora)
Powered-by:       PHP/5.2.13
DB Server:          MySQL >=5

Tables of vidya_new:


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India need hackers in 2011..   2 comments

When other 12-year-olds spend the day playing or watching films, Shantanu Gowde has been in the news for spending time with IT professionals twice his age. India’s youngest hacker, Shantanu was just three years old when he used the computer to make PowerPoint presentations, slideshows and birthday cards for friends. Now, he has ‘ethically’ hacked into websites of over 50 corporate houses and individuals and gives regular security tips to a Mumbai IT firm.

Worried over increasing piracy and leaks of movie trailers and posters, film-makers and production companies have turned to experts who can take down the offending websites. Girish Kumar, managing director of Aiplex Software has provided online anti-piracy solutions to over 50 Bollywood films including My Name is Khan, Housefull and Peepli Live and big banners like UTV, Eros and Yashraj Films. He says, “Most production houses are aware of the fact that online piracy is a real threat. Often, copyright notices do the trick. With sites that offer ‘torrents’ of movie downloads, we flood it with fake links or direct the website address away from the actual page.”

In 2010, hackers made news several times, for instance, when Future Group’s flagship ecommerce portal stopped functioning for two days after an attack, investigation agency CBI’s portal was hacked by programmers who identified themselves as “Cyber Pakistani army”. Rajya Sabha member and industrialist Vijay Mallya’s personal website too was allegedly broken into by Pakistani hackers. The US Army website also stopped functioning for a day after being hacked. Social messaging service Twitter also shutdown for hours, while Facebook experienced intermittent access problems after such attacks.

Explains security evangelist Rohit Srivastava, “A hacker’s job is to help the company find and plug loopholes in the system. Companies hire us to build a team of inhouse security which develops software and systems that are hacking-proof.” Rohit is the founder of Hack-Club, a first for hackers in India, to increase security awareness among the general public.

As the unconventional skill gains credibility, more and more people are opting for it as a career. Says Sheetal Kapoor, who has done a post-graduate diploma course in ethical hacking and cyber security, “I have worked as a cyber security consultant with MNCs and on certain government projects. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of their websites.”

Over the years, hackers have perfected innovative ways to crack into protections built into a computer operating system. Wellknown hacker Ankit Fadia began by experimenting with his home computer at the age of 12 and in two years, wrote his first book on the subject. Ankit claims he was consulted by an intelligence agency for breaking an encrypted message that was believed to have been sent by one of Osama Bin Laden’s men. Today, he is a security consultant for several MNCs and even hosts a show on a popular youth channel. He says, “I was attracted to the power of being able to do something most people could not, that’s how my love for hacking began. Now, I have been able to convert my hobby into a profession as well.”

Ankit adds, “As the reach of the Internet spreads, the challenges that organizations, whether government, semigovernment or private, face is enormous. New vulnerabilities are discovered daily and can expose the information network to unwanted elements.”

A much abused word, “hacker” originally meant “clever programmer “. Hackers stunned the world when WikiLeaks supporters unitedly brought down the Swedish government’s website along with those of Paypal and Master – Card. In fact, the world – wide web was discovered by hacker Timothy J. Berners-Lee, who was caught hacking and banned from using his university’s computer. Hacker Steven Gary Wozniak invented the Apple I, one of the first microcomputers. He and Steve Jobs assembled the first prototypes in Job’s garage. The software was coded mostly by Wozniak.

Among the country’s best ethical hackers, Sunny Vaghela e-mail account was hacked when he was 16. And the curiosity to catch the hacker motivated him to become a professional himself. ”I hacked into major government and private websites and later sent them a note, suggesting possible solutions,” he says.

Sunny, whose technical advice was accepted and adopted by Google’s social networking website Orkut, when he pointed out loopholes to its administrators, explains, “A professional hacker can earn more than a regular IT professional. In the last six months, nearly 4.5 lakh sites were hacked, and last year, around 2.5 lakhs were hacked. Antivirus and firewalls are not enough to protect your data.” Dinesh Pillai, CEO Mahindra SSG and his team of “ethical hackers” believe that every company needs trained hands to implement security risk management systems. “The demand for this skill is going to go up as companies realize the need to protect business and brand value.”

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Porki Site was hacked by Smart hacker…   2 comments

Today, the Site was hacked by me(SmArt HaCkEr).. I can not deface it..only i make some changes in site home page…

Here is the Preview of  Site Home Page….

  Here is the admin ID & PASS…

    ID:- naeem


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