Now Facebook is always with you?   1 comment

Facebook, As soon as we heard this word,many thing will come in your mind, like : friend request send by you to Girl, about some past chat… bla bla bla …
oohhhhhh .. ok ok … direct to point … There is a some good news for Facebook or Firefox lovers ….
Now you can see Facebook Notification, Chat or many from direct your browser… Now u think that! what is this I know this…
But wait I am not talking about RockMelt or any other browser … yes…. Mozilla ….
Mozilla introduce the new feature in which you can see the Facebook notification & Chat in you browser….

You can download latest version from

Now how to Enable it …..

Step1-> Install new Version of Firefox(>17.0)…
Step2-> Now Login into your Facebook Account
Step3-> Move to following link …




Step4-> Press Turn on button ….
ohhhh very gud you done ….

Posted December 5, 2012 by smarthacker5 in Information

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